Dedicated to the Employees, and their families, of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

Mission statement

Our mission is to:

  • be eco-friendly at all times.
  • experience nature and areas usually inaccessible to all but 4x4 enthusiasts.
  • be a 4x4 adventure and family orientated club.
  • More involvement in community projects with regard to training and visits
  • To create synergy between 4x4 owners and multi purpose  "off-road" motorbikes
  • Canvassing for new and current members as well as from the motorbike fraternity
  • Adventure outings and visits to communities to donating various items
  • General 4x4


Code of Conduct

 Members and their guests when participating on a trip or outing will at all times:
  • Adhere to all Club Rules  and regulations as stipulated from time to time as set out below.
  • Adhere to all rules and regulations as stipulated by the owners, management and staff of the various 4x4 trails.
  • Drive responsibly and keep to existing roads and tracks.
  • Respect the rights of others to enjoy nature in peace and solitude.
  • Not abuse alcohol to the extent where it affects the safety and enjoyment of others and not drive on a route whilst over the normal road user blood alcohol level limit.
  • Adhere to proper radio procedure on routes and not use abusive or improper language on any club outings in the presence of especially younger family members where it may be inappropriate.
  • Respect the accepted rules of nature conservation and refrain from littering.
Russell at the 1st annual
CO4WD River Run.

Lost a tire bead, broke the
front bumper, clogged up the radiator, jammed the transfer case and killed the battery.          All in all a good day.

The Mud bog that did it all.
[ "OH WELL!"